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亚博全站最新网站|本田宣布2021赛季后退出F1 红牛回应失望但理解
发布时间:2021-10-07 06:37:01

Original title: Honda announced its withdrawal from F1 after the 2021 season, Red Bull responded disappointed but understood


Japanese engine manufacturer Honda announced that they will withdraw from F1 after the 2021 season. The Red Bull and Toro Rosso currently using Honda engines will remain in F1 at least until the end of 2025 after signing the Concord Agreement. According to current regulations, unless Red Bull and Toro Rosso can persuade Mercedes or Ferrari to supply power units, Renault will have to provide engines to both teams because they currently have the least number of customers.


Honda announced on Friday that it will withdraw from F1 after the end of the 2021 season, on the grounds that the auto industry is in a "one-in-a-century period of great change." Honda has a wealth of successful experience in multiple eras of F1. During its cooperation with Williams and McLaren, it won six constructors' championships. Among them, Senna has driven a Honda engine. In 2015, it returned to F1 as an engine partner of the McLaren team, but after switching to provide engines for the Red Bull Racing Team and its Toro Rosso, its V6 hybrid power unit has achieved significant success.

本田周五宣布,它将在2021赛季结束后退出F1,原因是汽车行业正处于“一个世纪的巨大变化时期”。本田在F1的多个时代拥有丰富的成功经验。在与威廉姆斯和迈凯轮的合作中,它赢得了六次车队冠军。其中,塞纳驾驶了本田发动机。 2015年,它作为迈凯轮车队的引擎合作伙伴重返F1,但在转而为红牛车队及其Toro Rosso提供引擎后,其V6混合动力装置取得了巨大的成功。

However, despite the impressive results achieved in the 2019 and 2020 F1 seasons, Honda suddenly announced that it would withdraw from the sport after the 2021 season. This means that from 2022, F1 will only have three engine suppliers, Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari.


In his speech, Takahiro Yago, President, Representative Director and CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. stated that he is proud of Honda’s performance in difficult times, but he insisted that Honda’s transition to green technology and carbon neutrality has made They are inconsistent with F1's plans and future goals. “Today’s announcement of the withdrawal of F1 is to express Honda’s determination to meet the new challenge of achieving carbon neutrality. Racing is Honda’s DNA. Since its establishment, Honda has been accepting challenges in motorsports, constantly advancing the development of technology, training engineers, and training them. A strong passion for victory."

本田汽车有限公司总裁,代表董事兼首席执行官高野康弘在致辞中表示,他为本田在困难时期的表现感到自豪,但他坚持认为本田向绿色技术和碳中和的过渡已经使他们前后矛盾。 F1的计划和未来目标。 “今天宣布退出F1是为了表达本田决心实现碳中和这一新挑战的决心。赛车是本田的DNA。自成立以来,本田一直接受赛车运动方面的挑战,不断推动技术发展,培训工程师并进行培训。对胜利充满热情。”

"We still have 7 games this season. We will introduce a new power unit with improved performance next season. In order to live up to the expectations of the fans for Honda, we will continue to do our utmost together with the Red Bull team and the Toro Rosso. Go to the top, strive for more victories, and fight to the end." It is worth mentioning that Honda's exit is similar to that in 2008, that is, it suddenly decided to withdraw from F1. It is reported that this decision will not affect Honda's investment this year and next.

“本赛季我们仍然有7场比赛。我们将在下个赛季推出性能更高的新动力装置。为了不辜负本田车迷的期望,我们将继续与红牛车队和Toro Rosso。登顶,争取更多胜利,并争取到最后。”值得一提的是,本田的退出与2008年的退出类似,也就是说,它突然决定退出F1。据悉,这一决定不会影响本田今明两年的投资。

Regarding Honda's decision, Red Bull's attitude was "disappointed" but understood. Horner said: "As a team, we understand Honda's decision to withdraw from F1 after the end of the 2021 season. We also know that it is very difficult to make this decision. The shift in the focus of the automotive industry has led to Honda's decision to redeploy resources. We understand and respect The reason behind this. Of course, their decision has brought obvious challenges to our team, but we are fully prepared and have the ability to respond effectively."


"As a signatory to the latest F1 agreement, Red Bull Racing will remain committed to the sport for a long time. We look forward to embarking on a new era of innovation, development and success. As a team, we will now use the time given to us to further evaluate And looking for the most competitive power unit solutions in 2022 and beyond.” (Tauranga)

“作为最新F1协议的签署者,红牛赛车将长期致力于这项运动。我们期待着进入创新,发展和成功的新时代。作为一个团队,我们现在将利用这一时间让我们进一步评估并寻找2022年及以后最具竞争力的动力装置解决方案。” (陶朗加)



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